Gelastica Short: Shattered Dreams

"Shattered Dreams" - D. has shattered a lot of dreams in his life, but there's one more thing he'd like to try...



Gelastica S01 E05

"Western" - Our hero shoots himself up some money to pay his abandoned wife's farm but bad guys (and the St. Peter Police) have other plans.

Gelastica S01 E06

"A Gelastica Christmas" - Sir Roderick Jaynes reads the classic poem about little Timmy Magoo and the Ghost of Christmas Past.


Gelastica S01 E04

"Public Service Announcements" - Better yourself with these simple, easy steps.

Gelastica S01 E03

"Smithy Henderson's Nice Day" - From the Gelastica historical vault comes our first silent film.

Gelastica S01 E02

"Running" - D. gets some terrible news about a dying relative. So he runs. And runs. And runs.

Gelastica S01 E01

"The Online Video Blog" - It's been a busy day for J. Just how busy? Take a look...